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Getting Started

Getting Started

The Getting Started section provides an overview of the Trend Micro Vision One APIs, how to implement the APIs, and basic requirements.

You can use RESTful APIs to interact with Trend Micro Vision One and access specific product functions. These APIs have predictable resource-oriented URLs, return JSON-formatted responses, and use standard HTTP response codes.

You can use the APIs to automate regular procedures in your security operations center, including the following:

  • Investigate and triage security events

  • Perform live responses during investigation and advanced threat hunting

  • Manage user accounts and roles

  • Connect products to Trend Micro Vision One

To use the APIs, you need the following:

  • User account: Your account must have API access and a role with permissions necessary to perform tasks.

  • Authentication token: The Trend Micro Vision One console automatically generates a token for each account with API access.