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Getting Started

Getting Started

The Getting Started section provides an overview of the Apex Central RESTful APIs, how to implement the APIs, and basic requirements.

Apex Central provides RESTful APIs that allow access to specific product functions. You can use the APIs to integrate third-party solutions with Apex Central, gather and share suspicious object information, and automate investigation and management tasks.

The APIs give you access to various resources, including the following:

  • Target servers that are registered with Apex Central

  • Target Security Agents that are managed by Apex Central

  • User-defined Suspicious Objects list

  • STIX files

  • OpenIOC Indicators of Compromise

  • YARA rules

  • Investigation tasks and results


Incorrect handling of sensitive information may result in state-changing effects such as agent isolation.

Apex Central APIs have predictable resource-oriented URLs, return JSON-formatted responses, and use standard HTTP response codes. To use the APIs, you will need the following:

  • Application ID and API key: You can obtain these values from the Apex Central console.

  • JSON Web Token: You can generate this token using the application ID and API key.

Trend Micro provides demo projects to help you get started with using the Apex Central APIs.

This section provides a general overview of the API features and their use. For more information on resources and methods, see the reference documentation.